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We are the best cleaning company in the country.
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Over 25+ Years Experience
In Cleaning Service

Queens NY Cleaning Services is dedicated in helping you maintain a clean environment to improve your quality of life, so make ends neat!

We are a cleaning services provider based in Queens, New York and has been serving for over 25 years.We are committed to assisting you in maintaining a clean workplace and home environment. Our highly qualified team of cleaners have many years of expertise in the field and provide professional cleaning services throughout Queens, Ne York so you don't have to.

Our Mission

Clean Home.
Professional Service.
Fair Price.

Our objective here at Queens NY Cleaning Services is to provide companies and homeowners with cost-effective cleaning solutions. Our team are highly experienced, competent, honest and police-checked, assuring that you are working with a legitimate cleaning business delivering one of the top commercial cleaning services in Queens.

Our Team

The Team Behind Queens NY

The people that ensure our quality of service and competency.

The companies success is a collective effort of maintaining our high standard of cleaning through our quality control procedures and conduct frequent assessments on our workers and cleaning facilities, exhibiting consistency and transparency. Meet the people who keep this workflow going!

Marshall Cooper
Marshall Cooper
Jane Wells
Jane Wells
Dean Dixon
Dean Dixon
Sales Manager